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Please listen to my playlist “Falling Asleep”. I worked really hard trying to find the right songs and thankfully I did. Like and comment suggestions for a number 2 of the playlist. :0)

I’ve known the Neighbourhood for a long time (over a year) and like, one day, everyone decided to obsess over them… I’m really pissed of because of it!

Never realized how perfect this songs is…

I asked my friend how she gets a butt load of likes and followers, she said to put Pierce the Veil and All Time Low shit everywhere… 

Olly is so perfect in the dish and the spoon…

Lead singers of my favourite bands… Oh yeah…

Just bought this yesterday… LOVING IT!!!! :o)

I was really bored… yeah

fandom follow for follow


so my dash is somewhat empty so i suppose its follow spree time yoo

so if you post 

Doctor Who

(via wevegotigerteeth)

Alex… oh Alex…

I need to see them live!!!! :o)

Seriously… he needs to be American…

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